February 03, 2006

CULT OF LUNA have completed work on their latest album entitled "Somewhere Along The Highway". Slated for an April 24th release date via Earache Records, the initial tracking took place over 7 days in a wooden octagon barn surrounded by "Blair Witch" scenery close to the bands hometown of Umeå in Northern Sweden. According to Magnus Lindberg the remote location coupled with the spotting of "Wicca witch women dancing in the woods" and the actual acoustics of the barn itself all contributed towards creating the perfect ambiance to lay down the basic tracks which were done primarily live, as a unit – a departure from previous Cult of Luna recording protocol. Further recording and mixing happened in Tonteknik studios where both the band’s 2004 album "Salvation" and its predecessor "The Beyond" (2003) were recorded. And the result promises to more raw and unpolished then the bands previous releases. "Somewhere Along The Highway" contains 7 tracks, namely: ‘Marching To The Heartbeats’, ‘Finland’, ‘Back To Chapel Town’, ‘And With Her Came The Birds’, ‘Thirtyfour’, ‘Dim’ and ‘Dark City, Dead Man’.

Siamese blasphemous warriors SURRENDER OF DIVINITY completed their recordings for the upcoming "Manifest Blasphemy: The Abortion Of The Immaculate Conception" album as well as the tracks for the split 7" with MORBOSIDAD. Both releases out this year through From Beyond Productions. Both CD and LP will have different and exclusive artwork. SURRENDER OF DIVINITY will perform live in Bangkok with cult veterans MAYHEM, on January 29th. Click here to see the flyer.

Isolationist misanthropic raw Black Metal act STRIBORG signed with Displeased. Expect their new effort "Embittered Darkness" this year.

MANEGARM has just recorded a new mini album. They are currently mixing it. Expect the release before this Summer. Manegarm will do a mini tour through Europe from the March 2nd to 11th together with SKYFORGER (LV) and GODDESS OF DESIRE (NL).

GOATSEMEN finished writing half of the upcoming full length. In the meanwhile they are preparing for local gigs and live activities with side projects, such as a mini tour of SARAM with the mighty VULCANO.

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