February 22, 2006

Brazil’s HEADHUNTER D.C. have finally entered Casa das Máquinas Studio in Salvador to record their long awaited fourth full length album, which will be entitled "God’s Spreading Cancer…". All the instruments are already recorded, so now the mixing and then the mastering process begins. After the definitive dismissal of drummer Daniel Brandão, the band counted on the support from Thiago Nogueira (www.thiagonogueira.com.br), former Headhunter D.C. drummer (and currently in Ungodly), who recorded all the drums and also took care of the album’s production. Headhunter D.C., who are about to commemorate its 19th anniversary (in May), are looking for a licensing deal in Europe and the US will audition a new drummer as soon as the album is finished. A tour around Brazil and some concerts in other South American countries like Chile, Colombia, Uruguay, Peru and Bolivia are also planned for this year. According to frontman Sérgio Baloff, "God’s Spreading Cancer…" is going to be their best effort to date, due to the intensity, brutality and unholy atmosphere created by the songs, among them such titles as ‘God Is Dead’, ‘Stillborn Messiah’, ‘Black Miracle’, ‘Inner Demons Rise!’ and ‘Long Live The Death Cult’. Some of these songs are planned to be available for download soon on their upcoming new official website. Also watch out for the Necrovore tribute on Dutch From Beyond Productions on which the band contributes a bestial version of ‘Slaughtered Remains’, as well as the split 10" EP with their countrymates of Sanctifier on Legion of Death Rekordz from France entitled "…In Deathmetallic Brotherhood" on which they will appear with a brandnew track called ‘Hymn To Babylon’ (a cover of Sanctifier’s ‘The Cycle Of The Entity’) and a live version of the band’s classic ‘Forgotten Existence’ (from their second album "Punishment At Dawn", from ’93) recorded at the ForCaos Fest in 2004. As the band members themselves use to say, "more unholy death is on the way…". In time: check out the recent re-issue of band’s third album "…And The Sky Turns To Black…(The Dark Age Has Come)" (originally from 2000) on Brazilian Dying Music, featuring nothing more than 5 bonus tracks (among them their cover of Possessed’s classic ‘Twisted Minds’), extra slipcase cover, an article written by the infamous Karnage and unpublished photos. Contacts: puredeathcult@hotmail.com or headhunterdc87@gmail.com.

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