September 23, 2007

CHAOS MAGAZINE is back! One of Germany’s finest, still existing underground print zines have just released their 14th issue, this time featuring in-depth interviews with ASPHYX, GOREFEST, HAEMORRHAGE, SUFFOCATION, DEATH BREATH, DEMONICAL / CENTINEX, EVOCATION, NOMINON THIS ENDING, PROFUNDI, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER, LAY DOWN ROTTEN, DETONATION, ERODED, DEATHEVOKATION and DEAD CONGREGATION. The issue furthermore features 666 reviews, a free compilation-CD (courtesy of Cyclone Empire) as well as a full-coloured front cover artwork by Dan Seagrave. All this on 80 pro-printed, high quality A4 pages. It sells for 5,00 Euro (Germany) / 6,00 Euro (Europe) or 7,00 US $ (rest of the world) at the following address: Chaos Magazine, P.O. Box 70 20, 72734 Reutlingen, Germany, eMail:, Website:

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