August 16, 2009

STENCH OF DECAY‘s "Where Death And Decay Reign" demo, that got released on tape by Detest Records and that now is sold out will be available again on 12" in September through Detest Records. Detest Records will release the band’s first 7" EP in April – June 2010 as well.

A limited tape version of ASCENDED‘s new "Temple Of Dark Offerings" EP will be released by Detest Records in September. CD and 12" versions shall be available from Enucleation Records.

ABHORROT and PUTRID second demos will both be released on tapes by Detest Records, respectively in October and December.

MIASMAL‘s first 7" EP will be released by Detest Records in early 2010. At this occasion, a limited re-release of the band’s first demo on tape shall be available, the first tape issue and the 12" reissue being both sold out.

KRYPTS has recently joint the Detest Records roster. The band plays a very heavy form of Metal of Death. The band’s first 7" EP shall be released in April – June 2010. More info on Detest Records’ future plans are to be found on

The following sad news was just posted by Ian Jones, original guitarist for New Wave Of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) legends BLITZKRIEG, passed away on August 10 after a long illness. Jones was in BLITZKRIEG in 1980-1981 and played rhythm guitar on BLITZKRIEG’s 1981 7" EP "Buried Alive", which was released by Neat Records. He also co-wrote the classic track ‘Blitzkrieg’ (made famous by METALLICA on their "Creeping Death" EP), which was on the B-side. Ian’s funeral will be held in Leicester, England on August 19. For more information, visit Rest in peace Ian!

NECROWRETCH‘s first demo "Rising From Purulence" will be re-released as a tape version limited to 200 copies by Skeleton Plague Records. For more info contact

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