January 04, 2009

Reunited Death / Thrash legends GOREAPHOBIA have just completed the recording of "Mortal Repulsion", the debut album for Ibex Moon Records, and have sent it for mastering. The band has also re-recorded some old classics for inclusion as bonus tracks. The new album features guitarist Alex Bouks, bassist / vocalist Chris Gamble, guitarist John McEntee (Incantation) and drummer Jim Roe (ex-Incantation). Says Bouks about the album, "A lot of people had been asking when the record will be done for a long time, but we needed to do things right and not rush the album. This is the first time I have ever worked with a group of musicians I respect and that have worked together as a band. Everyone has been involved with the writing process. The only way I can describe "Mortal Repulsion" is ‘extremely dark, atmospheric, aggressive, and heavy.’ I am very happy about what we have created together. This is the record we were always meant to make – pure Death Metal in its darkest form. We look forward to playing live for all the fans in the next coming months." Track listing for the album is as follows: ‘Ordeal Of The Abyss’, ‘Amulet Of Damnation’, ‘Negative Screams’, ‘Grave Plagued Planet’, ‘Primal Nothingness’, ‘End’, ‘Despised And Ruined’, ‘Black Ash Eyes’, ‘A Grievous Curse’, ‘Ascending Into Vices’, ‘The Inevitable Punishment’ and ‘Mortal Repulsion’. For more info, check out www.myspace.com/goreaphobia

Great news for all fans of Swedish old school Death Metal. After the original plans via Threeman Recordings unfortunately fell through, Relapse Records will be releasing a CD of classic NIRVANA 2002 material later this year. Vocalist Orvar Säfström is currently compiling the material for it, together with Nicola Costantini (of the great "Encyclopedia Of Svensk Dödsmetall" book). The tracklist for the CD reads like this: ‘Mourning’ (from the "Projections Of A Stained Mind" compilation), ‘Slumber’, ‘Zombiefication’ and ‘The Awakening Of…’ (from the "Disembodied Spirits" 1990 demo), ‘Further Beyond’ and ‘Snake’ (from "Promo 91"). Additional bonus tracks will be: ‘Truth & Beauty’ / ‘Physcial Excursion’, ‘Brutality’, ‘The Awakening Of…’ (4-track version), ‘Further Beyond’ and ‘Snake’ (from Promo 91, 2nd version), ‘Disembodied Spirits’ (raw mix with less effects, but better sound) and maybe ‘Mourning’ live from the release party of Swedish Death Metal. We’ll keep you posted!

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