January 16, 2009

The second studio album of Belgian TARANIS is out on Iron Pegasus. It is a mix of traditional, very old style Black Metal and Thrash in the vein of DESTROYER 666, PAGAN RITES and BATHORY, but with TARANIS’ very own character. You can check out the song ‘Metal Legacy’ on the Iron Pegasus’ myspace page: www.myspace.com/ironpegasusrecords

SADISTIC INTENT‘s "Resurrection Of The Ancient Black Earth" CD will finally be out at the end of January. It features the studio tracks of the ultra rare LP plus the "Morbid Faith" 7"EP as bonus. This re-release comes with a 16 pages booklet, that contains lyrics, cool photos, etc. Available at: www.iron-pegasus.com

A DESASTER / SABBAT (Japan) split EP will be out in the Summer on Iron Pegasus Records. It will be a special "happy birthday" release for both bands.

Polish melodic Thrashers CHAINSAW will release a brand new album entitled "Evilution" through Metal Mind Productions on February 23 in Europe and April 7 in the US (via MVD). It is a concept album written by a native Scotsman consisting of 10 rather dark and gruesome tales. Celtic legends telling stories of half-human and half-animal creatures, paranormal activities, supernatural powers and the evolution of evil and magic that took place in Scotland throughout the centuries. The first recording session took place in mid 2008 at Studio X in Olsztyn, Poland with the following guests: Tytus (vocals), best known from Acid Drinkers and Mauser (guitar), an ex-member of Vader, currently involved in his project UnSun.

Denmark’s VICTIMIZER are currently in the studio recording a new mini album entitled "Resurrected Abominations". It will be released on CD and vinyl through Hells Headbangers in April 2009 and contains the following tracks ‘Worthy Of Hell’, ‘Reap The Nuclear Whirlwind’ (re-recorded), ‘E-37101’, ‘Lucifers Domain’ (HOBBS ANGEL OF DEATH cover) and ‘Resurrected Abominations’.

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