June 12, 2009

Swedish DEMONICAL have issued the following statement: "We are back home after a victorious crusade through Europe. Massive hails to our allies in TORTURE KILLER and FACEBREAKER for splendid comradeship and to Markus and Jaqueline for strategic guidance. We are very sorry for the shows that didn’t happen, the reasons were beyond our control. The battle in Marchtrenk was cancelled by the local mayor and his christian sheep as they felt we were spreading Anti-Christian propaganda and polluting the Austrian youth. An article in German – of course packed with lies in true Christian style – can be read here. The show in Flensburg was cancelled by the club with a three day notice without any reasonable explanation. Written contracts and agreements obviously means shit to Mike and Roxy Concerts so I advice you all to avoid him like the plague!! To celebrate the homecoming we have posted two more tracks – ‘World Serpent’ and ‘Death Metal Darkness’ – at our MySpace site. – Martin, Johan, Widda, Ronnie."

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