May 31, 2009

A 12" version of MIASMAL‘s self-titled demo should be available within 2 months through Detest Records (European and East-European territories) in co-operation with Nuclear War Now! Productions (US and rest of the world). For more info, check out

HEADHUNTER D.C. is preparing to open the northeastern part of the Brazilian tour of US Heavy Metal legends OMEN (with Mexican Thrashers STRIKEMASTER as supporting act). The confirmed tour dates for June / July / August you’ll find in our tourdates section. The works on the long planned band’s 20 years commemorative double CD, which will be entitled "The Darkest Archives… From The Death Cult (1987-2007)" and which will be released by Peruvian Crypts Of Eternity Records, have finally started. It will feature rare and obscure recordings from the band’s personal archives since the early days. Planned to be out this year. The band is currently writing new material for their next album to be recorded in early 2010.

Because of recent events involving former members Terry Butler and Bill Andrews and because of seperate events involving former member Rick Rozz forming his own version of the band Kam Lee has officially announced denouncing any further involvment with the band MASSACRE, the band name, or its former associates and members. In an official statement he says: "I want to just say thank you to all of my fans for all the years of support – and for all the years of friendships I have found through the band. And though the band still seems to bring hardship and heartbreak even today… let it be known that my years as vocalist and frontman – and "voice" of MASSACRE – I served proud and with honor. I came into MASSACRE when it was still a ‘Thrash cover garage band’ back in 1985, shortly after leaving DEATH. I took the band MASSACRE, from playing cover songs and playing highschool parties, to new levels – by becoming the bands frontman, turning it into a Death Metal band – creating original material, recording demos, tape trading, to co-headlining shows with bands like MORBID ANGEL, and made it into a cult "legend". Until – in 1987 – Terry, Bill and Rick all willingly quit the band to join with Chuck in DEATH. In the year 1990 – it was I "Kam Lee" who stepped back up to the plate to re-form the band once more – to finally bring the world the infamous "From Beyond" album. In 1994 – when Rick once more re-created the band to do the "Promise" album – and he took the band from its Death Metal roots and turned it into a Goth / Metal band. I "Kam Lee" decided it was better to quit that incarnation of MASSACRE rather then remain in a band that I did not believe in musically. 12 long years later – in 2007 – when the band DENIAL FIEND (of which I was also a part of) needed to find a way to get a tour. It was proposed to me by the German promoters to re-form MASSACRE as a re-union tour – in order to get the band DENIAL FIEND worldwide exposure. And also a way for me to pay past due money in order for me to obtain my passport. It was I "Kam Lee" that these promoters asked to reform the band MASSCRE once more. It was my decision alone – that brought the band back from obscurity. And it was finally I "Kam Lee" that wanted to – finally bring the band to a ‘proper’ close – by creating a new final album for the year 2010. But because of continued jealousy – petty threats – and pure asinine stupidity – from former members, I am no longer able to do that for you the fans. And so – I now make this "official announcement" – I "Kam Lee" am no longer assoiciated with anything to do with the band MASSACRE from this point forwards. The 4 tracks re-recorded for the EP, those song being – ‘Aggressive Tyrant’, ‘Clangor Of War’, ‘Infestation Of Death’ and ‘Perpetual Domination’ all have been recorded – and are finished, but I will not release these as MASSACRE. I may – in time – release these as ‘myself’ – "KAM LEE" on a future release – as cover songs, but they will not appear as a MASSACRE release. For now – they sit in obscurity – as the band has done manytime in the past… awaiting to one day raise it ugly head. But – I say to all one final time… I "Kam Lee" will no longer EVER do MASSACRE again! Thank you all for the years of support – and I hope you will continue to follow and support me. Cheerz and Stay Creepy! Kam Lee."

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