November 24, 2009

"Human Decay", the second demo by Swedish old school Death Metallers ENTRAILS, is finished and ready to be shipped on December 04, 2009. It will be released in a strictly limited edition of only 50 original CD-R copies that are numbered 1-50. Those 50 copies can only be bought directly from the band. The price is: 80 Sek Sweden / 10 Euro Europe / 12 Euro Rest of the world (ppd. everywhere). You can already pre-order a copy now by sending an email to A reply mail from ENTRAILS will let you know how to complete the purchase. The tracklist of "Human Decay" reads like this: ‘Dust To Dust’ (Intro), ‘Blood Red’, ‘Euthanasia’, ‘Evil Terror’, ‘Total Death’, ‘Human Decay’ and ‘Casket Garden’ (DISMEMBER cover). For more info on the band go to:

Norwegian Black Metallers DEN SAAKALDTE have been signed by Pulverised Records. The band was founded by main songwriter / guitarist Sykelig (ex – Gorgoroth session guitar player) and also features Mikael Sykelig (ex – GORGOROTH) on guitars, Niklas "Kvarforth" Olsson (SHINING, SKITLIV) on vocals, Tor Risdal "Seidemann" Stavenes (1349, PANTHEON I) on bass and Jormungand (DØDHEIMSGARD) on synth and effects. The band recently announced a line-up change in the ranks, with drummer Jarle "Uruz" Byberg (ex-Shining, ex-Urgehal) leaving the band. Further details on the replacement of the new drummer will be made soon. DEN SAAKALDTE previously released their debut "Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon" (which translates to "Beer, Darkness And Depression") and also in early 2009 the depressive full-length effort "All Hail Pessimism", that eventually instituted the band a lot of positive rave reviews and exceptional attention worldwide. DEN SAAKALDTE’s forthcoming album and first with Pulverised Records, will be entitled as "Kapittel II: Faen I Helvete", scheduled for release Fall of 2010. In other DEN SAAKALDTE-related news, the band will be part of the "Skandinavisk Pessimisme Omringer Europa Tour" touring alongside Troll and Sargeist from March 2010 onwards. DEN SAAKALDTE will also make their appearance in the next year’s edition of the "Kings Of Black Metal Festival 2010" happening on 10th of April 2010 and "Barther Metal Open Air 2010" on 20th of August 2010. Last but not least, the re-release of "Øl, Mørke Og Depresjon" on digipak CD and gatefold LP and also the "All Hail Pessimism" on limited gatefold double LP are soon to be released. For more info go to

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