September 12, 2009

HOD guitarist Carl "Lord Necron" Snyder comments on band’s inclusion in "Slow Southern Steel": "The South will rise again! Now that we got your attention. HOD is a part of a new Metal documentary about bands from the South called "Slow Southern Steel". The film focuses on Southern acts that play Doom, Sludge, Death Metal. HOD represents the more extreme side of things in the South, so they asked us to represent the Death / Black / Thrash / whatever-you-want-to-call-it Metal in the South. The film includes live footage of the band playing that is shot with multi camera so it some cool stuff. HOD vocalist Beer Reebs does a killer interview in the film too. Any fan of Metal will enjoy this film." Coming in 2010 the 80-plus-minute film is executive-produced by Karim Khan (I’m Better Than Everyone Records) and directed by RWAKE vocalist CT and David Lipke with the additional and integral assistance of George Hancock, Alix Petrovich and BEER WOLF guitarist Christian Sweeney (who will be releasing a paperback version of the production) among many others. Catch the trailer for the film here. "Slow Southern Steel" will make its debut at the renowned Little Rock Film Festival in May of 2010 where many of the bands featured will be in attendance. The DVD edition is slated to be released in 2011 via fast-growing, vinyl-only (and now DVD) Chicago imprint I’m Better Than Everyone Records.

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