January 06, 2010

BLOOD REVOLT, featuring J Read and Vermin of AOA / REVENGE, with A.A. Nemtheanga from PRIMORDIAL handling vocal duties, will enter the studio in January to record their debut for Ireland’s Invictus Productions. Expect an April / May release.

Gene Palubicki is busy laying the groundwork for the upcoming APOCALYPSE COMMAND yet to be titled full length. Assisting in the recording will be CJS and VK of DIOCLETIAN. Black / Death Metal in the vein of SARCOFAGO’s "INRI" is what is to be expected.

NEGATIVE PLANE will enter the studio shortly to record their second album "Stained Glass Revelations", the follow-up to their "Et In Saecula Saeculorum" debut album (released via Ajna in 2006). European dates are being planned and touring possibilities are currently being discussed for later 2010.

Canada’s TYRANTS BLOOD will shortly see their second full-length album "Crushing Onward Into Oblivion" unleashed by Invictus. Numerous pressing plant issues have held the album up, which has been paid for in full for months now. Expect a musical mixture of POSSESSED, SADUS, MORBID ANGEL, DESTRUCTION and MORBID SAINT.

WITCHRIST will release their debut full-length album in early 2010 through Invictus Productions.

DIOCLETIAN are in the process of demoing material for their second full length "War Of All Against All". The band is also set to release some split EPs on various other labels. They are also planning a tour of Europe and the USA in 2010.

SANGUIS IMPEREM will record their debut, yet to be titled full length for Invictus in early / mid 2010. On the heels of the soon to be released split 12" with NOCTURNAL BLOOD, expect more brutal Death Metal militancy from this US quartet.

The official street dates for the upcoming re-issue album of Swedish Death Metallers MY OWN GRAVE have been set as 19th of January 2010 for North American territories and 27th of January 2010 for European territories.

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