December 20, 2011

HEADHUNTER D.C. has just been confirmed in the cast of Metal Open Air Festival which will took place in the city of São Luis, Maranhão, Brazil, on April 20, 21 and 22, 2012. HEADHUNTER D.C.’s show at M.O.A. will be part of the celebrations for the 25th anniversary of the band, who’s about to release their 5th studio album entitled “…In Unholy Mourning…” via Mutilation / Eternal Hatred Records for the Brazilian territory – planned to be a January 2012 release. The international acts confirmed for the festival until this moment are EXODUS, DESTRUCTION, OBITUARY, GRAVE DIGGER, BLIND GUARDIAN, ANTHRAX and OTEP, while ATTOMICA, KRISIUN, TORTURE SQUAD, UNEARTHLY, OBSKURE, DROWNED, SHAMAN and ANDRÉ MATTOS are among the national artists already confirmed besides HEADHUNTER D.C.. Vocalist Sérgio “Baloff” Borges says: "Hail! We are proud and honored for having been confirmed at Metal Open Air Festival 2012! It is not only about a victory of ours, but of a whole nation of Northeastern and Brazilian head / deathbangers in general, who called for a band representing the pure, brutal and unholy old school Death Metal Underground at a big festival like this, 100% free from trends and fashions, a national band that has crossed all those years in an extremely active way and always defending and honoring the cause of true Death Metal, heavy, dark and brutal as it was born to be. So, be assured that HEADHUNTER DEATH CULT will be there representing all of you, Death Cult followers, with the flag of Death Metal in hands and blood in the eyes! Thank you all and see you at Metal Open Air Metal celebrating the 25 years of HEADHUNTER D.C. together with us! Unholy brutality 100% guaranteed! All Hail!!!” More info about the festival here:

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