January 06, 2012

A previously unreleased "metallized" cover version of the THIN LIZZY classic ‘Cold Sweat’ from English Metallers ATOMKRAFT, formed and led by vocalist / bassist Tony "Demolition" Dolan (VENOM), will be made available on a new limited edition 7" single and mini CD this summer via W.A.R. Productions. The 7" is limited to 200 copies and comes in blue vinyl, while the MCD is limited to 1000 copies and features two bonus tracks and a video clip. According to Joe Matera, who makes a guest appearance on lead guitar on ‘Cold Sweat’, "This is a recording that was done around 2005 (I remember laying down my guitar solo around that time). It was going to be released back then but due to circumstances at the time, it got shelved." THIN LIZZY’s Scott Gorham commented on the track like this: "I actually really liked this version of ‘Cold Sweat’ a lot. Cool solo also. I also liked the way ATOMKRAFT made the song their own with the arrangement and production. Very cool." More at www.myspace.com/atomkraft, www.youtube.com/atomkraftband

"Sadistic Inquisition", the new studio album by Michigan Thrashers NOCTURNAL FEAR, will be released later this year through Moribund Productions. The band’s fourth album for the label (and sixth overall) will feature the following tracks: ‘Invincible Warlord’, ‘Seal Team 666’, ‘Bite The Curb’, ‘Code Name – Trinity’, ‘Blood On The Battle Field’, ‘Cold As Death (Life Of Crime)’ and ‘Invade To Conquer Pt. 2.’ Guitarist / songwriter Rev. Chris Slavehunter PhD promises that the album "will be our heaviest, fastest, and most militant release yet! It will be a surge in which we will burn all bridges behind us, further distancing ourselves in a bid for isolation as America’s War Metal Assassins – indeed, War Metal skinheads! This ain’t BLASPHEMY, this ain’t REVENGE, and this ain’t Canada. This is NOCTURNAL FEAR, this is Detroit, and this is the real shit! Reviewers won’t be happy, but true fucking bangers who want their faces ripped off and fed to our pack of Rottweilers won’t be let down." For all further info check out www.reverbnation.com/nocturnalfearwarmetal

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