January 13, 2012

UK-based Deathcrust Metallers WINDS OF GENOCIDE has announced the upcoming debut full-length album as "Usurping The Throne Of Disease". Rough sketches of the artwork can be found at the official Mark Riddick Facebook page. In related news, the band recently underwent a line-up adjustment. The new WINDS OF GENOCIDE drummer is Matthew Henderson and Linus Girdland Flink will be the second guitarist. In an official statement released by the band: "This is the new line-up that will be writing material for and recording the debut full-length album "Usurping The Throne Of Disease". Matthew is a great young versatile drummer (still only in his teens, he is currently 17 years old, nearly 18) and he also drums in a local Death Metal band called PLAGUE RIDER. He can switch from D-Beats, Swebeats and blast beats, which is all we need in a drummer! He has picked up most of the songs we have written so far very quickly and learnt the current setlist with impressive ease. We are very happy to have him in the band and onboard for the full length album. Linus, who played drums on our first two recordings and the tracks for the upcoming split with ABIGAIL (Japan), has now moved on to second guitar due to him moving to London so we needed to find a drummer who could rehearse and work on new material regularly." www.myspace.com/windsofgenocide

Vocalist Beer Reebs of Texas Death Metal maniacs HOD has issued the following update on the band’s upcoming activities: "Due to numerous line-up changes (4 total) in the past 1 1/2 – 2 years and lack of finances, our sophmore album "Book Of Worms" was inevitably pushed back, and pushed back. During this time I spoke with Big Bald Brian from Ossuary Industries, who has been a long time friend and supporter to HOD. I told him we couldn’t commit to a full length album due to our obligations / loyalty to Ibex Moon Records but we could commit to a split of some sorts. He mentioned the upcoming Limbsplitter 2 compilation he was putting together. Needing to release something to appease the masses we agreed to jump on that. He even let us pick another group of our choosing to join in on the chaos. We chose our comrades in the Black / Death group LOCUSTA to accompany us alongside DEMONAICAL GENUFLECTION, INGURGITATE and INIQUITOUS respectively. I forget who’s doing the mastering but the artwork was done by the very twistedly sick Jon Zig. We recorded our three tracks with Dennis Munoz of SOLSTICE fame. Our three slabs of hate are titled: ‘Awakening Blasphemous Abominations’, ‘And The Smoke Will Rise’ and ‘To Call Forth The Deep Ones’. These tracks were recorded as a 4 piece and are the last recorded tracks with founding member Dennis Sanders on drums. The disc will hopefully be available at the Gathering of the Bestial Legion V fest being held in L.A. Sat Jan 14th where we (HOD) share the stage with Death Metal titans AUTOPSY, INCANTATION, ACHERON, DIVINE EVE and more. When we get back home we’ll play a "local" show the 21st with some fellow TX Black and Death Metal bands while awaiting our March 26th show opening for the mighty ONSLAUGHT and M:PIRE OF EVIL. Recording of our 2nd album will be getting finished during this time as well. Till then, get your limbs split by Ossuary Industries with the Limbsplitter 2 disc. Fuckin’ Metal!" The band has posted a stream of the track ‘To Call Forth The Deep Ones’ at this location. "Book Of Worms" will be out on Ibex Moon Records later this year. www.myspace.com/hodtheband

After a solid week of intensive recording at Pyramid Sound with producer Alex Perialas, BIRTH A.D. is close to the finish line with their debut album, "I Blame You". Bassist / vocalist Jeff Tandy was quoted as saying, "Everything sounds great so far. Alex has pushed us to get the best performances of our careers, and even the raw tracks sound unbelievable. This record is going to blast a hole in all the laptop studio junk that gluts the market. We’re doing it the old way and the right way – the sound everyone has been missing is alive again!" Production for "I Blame You" will wrap on January 16. BIRTH AD is actively seeking label support for the release. More info at www.birthad.com

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