August 22, 2013

Bass player Tim Scott has re-joined Swedish Death Metallers VOLTURYON. Tim grew up in Northern California, but moved to Sweden in 1999 and already played in REVENANT, HATEPLOW, MARGRAVE and METHANE. He was already a member of VOLTURYON 5-6 years ago when the band was still called CONTORTION. More information at or

On October 01, 2013 Iron Bonehead will release a vinyl edition of ABYSSOUS‘ debut demo "…Smouldering" (originally released in 2012), remastered, with two newly recorded, previously unreleased tracks and new artwork by Misanthropic Art. Here’s the tracklist: ‘Entering The Cave’, ‘Abominations’, ‘Burial Sea’, ‘Invocation’, ‘Black Pyramid’, ‘Profaning Intrusion Of…’, ‘The Inverter’, ‘Exanimation Rite’ and ‘Abscondence’.

On the same day the label will also release the CRUCIFIER compilation "Coffins Through Time… A Mourning In Nazareth" as a double vinyl LP. It features CRUCIFIER’s four demos "Humans Are Such Easy Prey"(’91), "Crown Of Thorns" (’92), "Unparalleled Majesty" (’93) and "By Disgrace Of God" (’93), as well as the "Powerless Against" tape from ’96 and the "Trafficking With The Dead" split with NUNSLAUGHTER from ’99. The entire material was remastered by P. Engel at Temple of Disharmony and comes with a 16-page booklet, featuring extensive liner notes, old photos and flyers as well as an A2 poster and Chris Moyen cover art. More information at or

Deathgasm Records have just released ABOMINANT‘s tenth studio album "Onward To Annihilation". The album track ‘Legions Of Hell’ is now streaming here. The complete tracklist reads like this: ‘We Are Coming’, ‘Conquerors Of Dust’, ‘Left To Rot’, ‘Battlescarred’, ‘Onward To Annihilation’, ‘Hold Your Ground’, ‘Beside The Dying Flame’ and ‘Legions Of Hell’. Until August 30, 2013 you can win a copy of "Onward To Annihilation", along with MASADA’s "Hideous Rot" EP and FAITHXTRACTOR’s "The Great Shadow Infiltrator" at this location. For more information on ABOMINANT check out

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