June 19, 2013

Nuclear Winter Records have just released a limited vinyl edition (350 copies, with new artwork) of LIE IN RUINS‘ "Swallowed By The Void" album. The CD version was originally released in 2009 via Spinefarm Records. More information at www.nuclearwinterrecords.com, www.facebook.com/nuclearwinterrecords

UNDERGROUND NEVER DIES! will be the first retrospective book to feature a massive collection of old gig flyers, rare pics and insights from many artists and old zine editors of the mid 80s and early 90s from all over the world. The book will furthermore include features on bands (MORBID ANGEL, NOCTURNUS, WATAIN, INCANTATION, DARKTHRONE, AT THE GATES, NAPALM DEATH, ASPHYX, MASTER, DEAD CONGREGATION, NECROS CHRISTOS, ROTTING CHRIST, MORBUS CHRON, SINISTER etc.), zine editors from old and new fanzines (Ripping Headaches, Blowing Thrash, Metalized Mag, Voices From the Darkside, Snakepit, Morbid Tales, Thrash Attack, Compilation Of Death or Crypts Of Eternity) and record labels representatives (Peaceville, Iron Bonehead, Hell Headbangers, Proselytism or Nuclear War Now!). Introductions to the book have been contributed by Erik Danielsson (WATAIN), Alan Moses (Glorious Times Book) and Ian Christe (Bazillion Points). The layout and design will be done in the old copy & paste style and the front cover was created by Mark Riddick. The book will be released through Doomentia Records later this year. A limited edition will include a 12" compilation LP featuring only defunct demo era bands such as INCUBUS (Tampa), MORTA SKULD, AFTERMATH, LECROCY (Can), FATAL (US), SINDROME (Chicago) or SLAUGHTER LORD (Aus). For more info contact Andrés at corvusdiscos@gmail.com

German extreme Metallers SEPTEMBER MURDER have launched a stream of their new album "He Who Invokes Decadence" at this location. The album was released on June 17, 2013 (in Europe) and June 18, 2013 (worldwide). It has been produced by Jens Martinek at his Schmiedeberg 7 Studios in Rübeland, Germany and was mastered in early 2013 by Peter Neuber at Mega Wimp Sound Studios, Berlin, who previously worked with NASUM, VOMITORY, PRIMORDIAL and WAR FROM A HARLOTS MOUTH. The artwork was done by Christian Herzer from GUULarts. The tracklist reads like this: ‘Under Severed Skies’, ‘Two Culprits, One Oath’, ‘Among Vultures’, ‘From Adoration…’, ‘…To Deterrence’, ‘May Conviction Force Reckoning’, ‘In Celebration Of Mankind’s Wretchedness’ and ‘He Who Invokes Decadence’. More on SEPTEMBER MURDER at www.facebook.com/smofficial

Inverse Records have signed Spanish melodic Death Metallers DAWN OF TEARS. The band’s second album "Act III: The Dying Eve" will be released worldwide on September 20, 2013. A video for the song ‘Present Of Guilt’ can already be checked out here. All further information at www.dawnoftears.org or www.facebook.com/dawnoftears

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