March 05, 2013

The new IMMOLATION album "Kingdom Of Conspiracy" will be released on May 14, 2013 via Nuclear Blast. It was recorded at Sound Studios in Millbrook, NY with longtime producer Paul Orofino, and mixed and mastered once again by Zack Ohren (ALL SHALL PERISH, DECREPIT BIRTH, SUFFOCATION). The cover art was created by Pär Olofsson (IMMORTAL, THE FACELESS, ABYSMAL DAWN). “The figures in the artwork have all been bound and chained and have their eyes and mouths sewn shut symbolically, showing the chilling of speech and the intentional blinding of the masses”, explains guitarist Robert Vigna. “They all make up the huge ominous structure behind them, which is symbolic of the growing security state as well as our failing structures today, and how they are slowly and methodically consuming and controlling us all. It has a very Orwellian feel to it, which is what we were going for since the album is very dark in a slightly different way.” In regards to the album’s lyrical content he continues: "The album deals with the world today and the slow unraveling and breakdown of our societies and the systems and structures behind them. It speaks of the human side to all this and how we have all lost our way and have fed into these very systems that are slowly coming apart. This is the common thread running throughout the album and the cover paints a very dark picture of the future, where these systems have completely absorbed our world, and our freedoms and we have become a part of the very fabric of these structures that we have created. Each song is a symptom of this mass sickness that has brought the world to the point it is at now, and we paint a very bleak picture of this slow and gradual breakdown and the human failures that sped this process along. This is the Kingdom of Conspiracy." You can check out photos of the band in the studio at this location. All further info and updates at

"Living Flesh", the live DVD by NADER SADEK, is now playing, for a limited time only, at this location. It was recorded at Santos Party House in Manhattan during the band’s first live performance and is available as a signed CD / DVD, CD / Blu-ray (limited to 20 copies), LP / Blu-ray combo, limited edition LP (500 copies), LP with digital video download and as a digital download. Visit to order.

French Death Metallers SAVAGE ANNIHILATION have just released a video for the track ‘Les Catacombes De L’abomination (Pt.1)’ at this location. The song is taken from their debut full-length "Cannibalisme, Hérésie Et Autres Sauvageries" which was released through Kaotoxin Records on October 01, 2012. The entire album is currently streaming at In April SAVAGE ANNIHILATION will play a mini tour together with France’s DISGRASEED. For more information check out

‘Moribund’, a track from the new LIFELESS album "Godconstruct", is now streaming at The album is available as a CD, on vinyl and as digital formats. The vinyl version will come in two different editions: the Die Hard Edition (limited to 100 copies on blue vinyl, with poster, inlay, sticker and an embroidered patch) and the Obscure Edition (black vinyl with inlay).

German old school Death Metallers SLAUGHTERDAY have just released their four-track demo "Cosmic Horror" in a limited edition of 166 hand-numbered cassette copies through and as a digital download at You can check out the track ‘Cult Of The Dreaming Dead’ at this location. More information at

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