June 15, 2015

DAWN OF A DARK AGE’s new album “Fire” (the third chapter of the band’s “The Six Elements” saga) will be released on July, 01, 2015 as a limited edition (66 copies!) jewel case CD. It will be available exclusively here. "Fire" was recorded at 3rd Bloody Floor Studio and Nino R.Mejia created the cover artwork. Here’s the complete tracklist: ‘Awakening Of The Old Flame’, ‘Enonga’s Bells 1566 A.D.’, ‘Pompei (Vesuvio’s Waltz)’, ‘Winter Solstice’, ‘Homecoming’ and ‘Outro (Kvlt Of The Fire)’. All further info at www.facebook.com/dawnofadarkage

Italy’s Death / Thrashers METHEDRAS have just released a video for the song ‘Brawl’ at this location. The track is taken from the album "System Subversion", which was released at the end of last year via Pavement Entertainment. The video has been filmed by Maurizio Del Piccolo (Moviedel Production) and the special effects were realized by Chiara Mariani (Midial Lab). More about METHEDRAS at www.facebook.com/methedrasthrash

Chilean Death Metallers THORNAFIRE have released a brand new video for the song ‘La Sierpe’ right here. It is taken from their last album "Magnaa", which was released in Autumn 2014 through F.D.A. Records. The clip was directed and produced by Carlos Toro V. (Abysmo Films), who already worked with KREATOR, VADER, THERION, HALFORD, ARCH ENEMY, CRIMINAL among others. All additional info about THORNAFIRE you will find at www.facebook.com/thornafire or www.thornafire.cl

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