Jovens Mortos Não Fazem E Não Contam Histórias
(Break The Silence / Abekeit)

Just some days ago, I had the pleasure to review the latest offering of KILLBITE, right now one of my favourite Crust bands. Their partners on that fantastic split LP are ÓDIO SOCIAL from the Brazilian metropolis of São Paulo. And ÓDIO SOCIAL is of course not a band that comes from out of nowhere, but a band with an already pretty long history. In fact, they are around for more than 15 years now and, asides from a lot of demos on tape and CD-R, released a 7” EP and a full length album beforehand. “Jovens Mortos Não Fazem E Não Contam Histórias” (translates as: “Dead youngsters don’t make or tell stories”) is the name of that album and it’s more than worth getting featured here as well. The reason is simple: ÓDIO SOCIAL deliver a huge kick in the teeth here, an orgy of raw, thrashing stop-and-go Hardcore in the finest tradition of São Paulo. You know, RATOS DE PORÃO, AGROTOXICO and stuff like that, bands who might be filed under “Crust”, but have that own, very Brazilian identity. Additionally, ÓDIO SOCIAL use another trademark of their home town scene as well: the ability to keep their music diversified and unique. You’ll find a lot of different ideas in the songs of “Jovenos Mortos…”. From Metal influences over punkish guitar solos to MOTÖRHEAD styled Rock’n’Roll and back to bass grooves that remind of newer US Punk bands – that’s a nice variety and it keeps the sound of ÓDIO SOCIAL fresh and vivid. And of course it keeps the album raw and straight into anyone’s face. And with songs like the shout-along ‘Não Passarão’, the fittingly titled ‘MotöRedson’ and the short smasher ‘Catástrofe’, anything is set for a rude slamming session, either at home or, at least for us Europeans, at a live show in a town near you. Did I already mention that I’m really looking forward to see ÓDIO SOCIAL live on stage? Until then, visit the band at: www.facebook.com/odiosocialpunkrock and give ’em a “like”. And for the labels who released this LP in Europe with a combined effort, visit www.breakthesilencerecords.com (they are responsible for the ÓDIO SOCIAL tour this fall) or www.abekeit.com, who also have the album up for a stream on their bandcamp site.

Thomas Meyer

Thomas Meyer

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