Circle Of Aggression
Thrash Metal does not leave anyone cold if it’s well and convincingly done, gushing of steaming energy and been pumped up with more aggression than one can handle at one time. The four and hungry (for Thrash) horsemen of Thrash known as ARCHITORTURE coming from Finland, are a quite relentless Thrash beast, have got their 2nd 3-song promotional disc out almost recently, titled “Circle Of Aggression". The title of this promotional demo already promises quite a lot in terms of aggression anyway – and that’s what you will also get: 3 songs of aggressively attacking, old school-ish Thrash Metal that seriously challenge early EXODUS and SLAUGHTER LORD in viciousness of Thrash – oozing young and wild power and feasting people’s mind by acts of senseless violence. The last song alone, ‘Treachery’, proves more than well how Thrash Metal should be done. Keep it straight and simple, squeeze as much hate and aggression into it ‘til it starts to feel like it’s about to blow the head off from your shoulders – and then just leave it there. ARCHITORTURE are a fine example of all that why so many people get so excited by the 2nd wave of Thrash Metal. ARCHITORTURE come and kill – and you have been warned it won’t be any happy kill under any possible circumstances.
Luxi Lahtinen

Luxi Lahtinen

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