Errances Oniriques
(Northern Silence Productions)

The French Black Metal scene is more or less one of the last strongholds of the true Black Metal style and bands which are mixing Folklore with the essence of our beloved Black Metal style are more than rare in these landscapes. BELENOS are one of the few French bands which is falling under this category but don’t except just another Pagan band. The BELENOS debut “Errances Oniriques” was officially released by Sacral Productions in 2001 but the only remaining band member decided to re-record the album adding 2 bonus tracks instead of using the original material for the re-release. But even if BELENOS is using acoustic guitars or clean vocals as pathways to their Celtic ancestors the core of his music is the ugly face of Black Metal. I really think that a lot of people simply forgot that only 10 years ago the normal understanding of Folklore meets Black Metal sounded exactly like this release. So there is no need to search for drunken Trolls or lovely fairies on “Errances Oniriques” – just expect the normal victims – means frostbitten guitars and an evil atmosphere crossed by slightly folkloric influences. This album is for all the (still mourning) WINDIR fans – they will fall in love with this release (maybe not automatically because the 9 tracks really need quite some time) and this should still be a proof of musical quality.,

Matthias Auch

Matthias Auch

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