Auszüge Aus Leben Und Lebenswille
(Perverted Taste Records)

Long time has gone since I have listened to that band. And indeed, more than ten years passed in the meantime. As I only own their demo-tape “… Durch Den Nebel Der Finsternis…” (that later became their debut-album “Verborgen In Den Tiefen Der Wälder”, just newly recorded) I can’t give any comparisons to their latter full-length material. Okay, it is the end of 2006 now and Bergthron improved a lot. The sound became better, here and there some great atmospheres are shown and the ideas are quite original. The use of the acoustic-guitar and the flutes are giving a nice mood and fit to the overall song-structures. The bass-guitar is used in a perfect way, gives a great underline to the songs and is not shading in the background only. Just the clean vocals may be the only problem. Not that they are bad at all, but too loud, compared to the sound in general. Furthermore I don’t feel comfortable with the German lyrics as they sound (at least those I can understand) quite naïve – or better said: to primitive. In the end, people who like the old stuff of Ulver and such can take a risk… Featured on that CD here are six song-samples and three of them are taken from their upcoming CD, with a running-time of almost 30 minutes. You can buy that CD for 3.50 Euro from Perverted Taste Mailorder (or get it for free while ordering over 35 Euro). The next CD will be released within the first quarter of 2007.



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