Inferno Of Sacred Destruction
(Osmose Productions / Hells Headbangers Records)

Utter darkness violence and aggression are what are on display here! No fuckin 2 ways about it! Verily you must fear for your immortal soul when listening to "Inferno Of Sacred Destruction"as this is BLACK WITCHERY’s most brutal and unwholesome release to date, The intros are spooky and I could swear some unholy rough beast crept into my spirit! Surely I am now damned as you will be when you listen to this new release. What with the pounding unholiness, fast fast fast throughout, excepting some SARCOFAGO mid-paced beats that calm things down somewhat for mere moments, and then the onslaught begins anew. This is not your older sister’s Goth norsecore keyboard laden bullshit. This is something definitively horrible, violent and will make fans of DINO BURGER and CRADLE OF SHIT recoil in disgust and terror and flee for their lives to the Goth boutiques wherin reside their lairs. If they have any real Metal sense, they won’t leave but stay for the attack, as this is extreme and Metal as it gets. This is not for the meek or faint of heart; would that it could be a full length. But this mini shall suffice for now; and then we have the visual gruesome evidence from a show BLACK WITCHERY did with the gods BLASPHEMY in Finland. Shot very pro with multi camera angles and with barbed wire on the front of the stage, when its not on ultra violent Black Metal offensive of the meanest and most foul character, it resembles a documentary shot on the final battlefield between good vs. evil, from the trenches. Especially the front of the stage shots where BLACK WITCHERY is the spearhead aimed straight to the head of the christ. Beware I tell you, for if your soul is not damned from years of substance and Metal abuse, it will be after listening to this CD and watching this most unholy spectacle DVD (playing time: approx. 26min). BLACK WITCHERY wished you to believe that this is mear mini-LP / MCD / DVD release. It is not. This, is, a slaughter. Honest to satan, Black / Death utter brutality. If you consider yourself a fan of these unholy generes you must add this "inferno" to your collection. But now! For all further info check out,,

Luis M.L. Sallard

Luis M.L. Sallard

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