Upheaval Of Satanic Might
(Osmose Productions)

This trend about “cult” bands (spell it “kult” to a better effect) annoys me to the max. Underground magazines are invaded by always the same bands praised over and over as the best thing since sliced bread by people “who knows” about the “true” valour of Metal. This helped to create a new conformism, and I am tired of this. How much time did we read about statements like “only vinyl is real” , “we issued a severely limited to 333 copies split EP with CLITORIDIAN COMMAND, only for the real Metallers out there, not for the weak, sorry it is sold out”, ok I stop here, you got the picture. BLACK WITCHERY belongs to this farcical movement, and the result is pathetic. Invoking BLASPHEMY and SARCOFAGO as influences, they use this as an excuse to record what they call “Barbaric War Metal” and what is actually a pile of shit. Rarely did I hear a record so much devoid of any idea. What you got here is eight times the same track with 1 ½ riff on each. Of course the sound quality is abysmal, to make us understand that we have got the state-of-the-art in term of authenticity. As usual, a Chris Moyen cover art adorns the thing, with all the now meaningless satanic paraphernalia (leave the Goat alone!!!!) in sight. I wonder about the shock value of all this, and it is not even funny! Add to this a (mercifully) ridiculously short running time, and you get the perfect gift for your worse enemy. As catastrophic as the last REVENGE CD! Don’t try this at home, unless you have cash to spoil!

Edouard Vergriete

Edouard Vergriete

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