Live Ritual - Friday The 13th
(From Beyond Productions / Displeased Records)

BLASPHEMY the canadian Black / Death Gods are back! Fucking hell, this looks like a real promising reunion but I am not sure if they really ever will release a new studio album. Anyway, they’re back in the original line-up apart from Ryan Förster (from Conqueror) and this CD includes the gig in Vancouver, July 2001 (originally released as an LP version on Nuclear War Now Productions) plus a rehearsal session from August 2001 (which is also circulating as a bootleg LP). The sound is really good and you will find all classic songs from “Fallen Angel Of Doom” and the “Gods Of War” albums. 76 minutes of pure Blasphemy!!! Of course there’s no Chris Moyen cover art missing! The way how Black Winds announces the songs during the live set are already worth the money! Best stuff for die hard maniacs! But if you are e real worshipper buy the vinyl version : -)

Thomas “Clitcommander” Westphal

Thomas "Clitcommander" Westphal

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