Fallen Angel Of Doom
(NWN! Productions)

After years of unavailability and a couple of bad quality bootlegs, Nuclear War Now! Productions came up with what is considered to be the ultimate edition of BLASPHEMY’s classic debut album “Fallen Angel Of Doom…”. Originally released in 1990 by one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) rip-offs of all times, Wild Rags Records, BLASPHEMY’s first full-length offering is without a doubt one of the most harsh, brutal and provoking releases of the early 90s. Deeply influenced by SARCOFAGO and closely affiliated to BEHERIT (remember the ‘War Command’ cover BEHERIT did…), BLASPHEMY managed to establish themselves as one of the first, “second-wave” cult underground Death / Black Metal acts not only with their “Blood Upon The Altar” demo-tape but also with their contradictory “Black Metal Skinheads” image that they incorporated. Even today, almost 18 years after its original release, “Fallen Angel Of Doom…” is still considered to be a cult gem for those into the so-called bestial Death / Black Metal and – in its original version – it is by far one of the most sought-after items around. Nuclear War Now! Productions did a good job with this re-release including both the lyrics of each song plus some rare pictures of the band. I would prefer to see some additional stuff in this re-release, like bonus material or perhaps some live recordings / rehearsals but I guess the label wanted to stick to the original format of the Wild Rags version… Anyways, I left the most impressing part for the end: not only Nuclear War Now! released it on noble LP with thick cover, booklet and huge poster, they also released it on 4 different die-hard versions, each one containing the album in splatter vinyl plus a picture LP version (with one side containing the actual cover and second side containing a picture of a different member of the band for each of the 4 versions!). We are talking about TOTAL DEDICATION on behalf of the label, well done!!! I am not quite sure what else to add here, except… Ross Bay Cult Eternal!,

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

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