Prelude To Execution
(Unmatched Brutality Records)

This utter piece of violent yet pretty dark Death / Grind from the Chicago-based brutalizers BRODEQUIN is a kind of appetizer for the band’s third effort “Methods Of Execution” coming out sometime this year. The two songs offered here are a huge step ahead after the disappointing “Festival Of Death” album in 2002 whose song material and production could not meet the high standard the excellent debut “Instruments Of Torture” set with its blending of nowadays brutal Death / Grind with a morbid old school flair and feeling. ‘Cast In Torment’ and ‘Verdrinken’ are great diversified, heavy and blasting attacks and especially the sound has improved again, too. You can get this promo as a nice vinyl 7” with German Deathers TEARS OF DECAY and despite the rather short BRODEQUIN side I guess it is still worth your bucks. Try for the EP or contact Unmatched Brutality ( or the band (

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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