Bulldozing The Vatican
(Heavy Forces Records)

Hang the pope, raid the convent, bring some slaughter in the Vatican, ah come on, let’s bulldoze the whole goddamn place and bury those depraved, greedy, self-righteous hypocrites in a whole big pile of rubble and shit… because when cardinals hear the heavily VENOM, MOTÖRHEAD, WARFARE inspired battle roar of BULLDOZING BASTARD who lent their machinery of desecration at a construction site in Germany, rivers of poo will flood the streets of Rome. Musically, this is probably as irrelevant as another SweDeath copycat or act of 70s Retro Rock necrophilia, but it’s pure old-fashioned entertainment, fun with friends and pints, nicely raw and authentic early 80s sounding. The vocals are coarse and aggressive, the riffs to the point and driving, the leads add the necessary punkish vibe and with song titles such as ‘Bastard Metal’, ‘Metal Avenger’, ‘Beer Hammers’ I’m sold. Nothing inventive, nothing extraordinary to discover here but what the f**k do you expect from a trio naming itself the disco destructors? Add to that the brick-heavy vinyl, cardboard sleeve with all lyrical degeneration, A2 poster and sticker, also on the packaging front this marks a real gem for every worshipper of the above mentioned acts. Here’s a tune for you as always: www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ohAV7Jureo. You can get it by clicking here: www.heavy-forces.de. More band information at www.facebook.com/pages/bulldozing-bastard/452219264808259

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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