Issue # 10
(78 pages, A4, printed, in English)

The CHAOS – crew Schenk and Jagger comes up with the 10th anniversary issue of one of the best German fanzines around. As their efforts in doing a magazine were in the beginning more than one times compared to the Voices from the Darkside- Mag, their newest issue may in one sad point compared to it again: CHAOS MAG may due to vocational reasons call its quits after #10, too… But because of some remarks included in their printing there’s some hope left that they’ll continue nevertheless. Anyway, in this issue you get interesting and entertaining in depths interviews with AVULSED, BEHEMOTH, BLO.TORCH, CANNIBAL CORPSE, DARK TRANQUILLITY, DEICIDE, IMMORTAL, IMPALED NAZARENE, IN FLAMES, LIMBONIC ART, LOCK UP, MORTICIAN, MY DYING BRIDE, MYRKSKOG, NASUM, NECROMICON, RAPTURE, SCHEITAN, THE CROWN, VADER and WITCHERY. And when I say entertaining, I really mean it. The interviews contain always a good sense of humor. Together with the quite personal questioning this makes worth to read every interview, even with bands, you normally don’t like or listen to. You easily notice that both know what they are talking about and that their ambitions come right from the heart. Furthermore you get tons of reviews (which could be more critical in some cases, or who does e.g. really need most Last Episode’s releases, an ‘okay’ is in my modest opinion still way too much…). The printing quality is good, just in four cases it is a bit hard to discover what was written because of the layout in the background. This mag comes with a free HAMMERHEART RECS. Compilation CD. So no ifs and buts, please. You better simply get your own copy of this great mag straight away. Send 10,- DM / 7 US$ to: Chaos Magazine, c/o Schenk, Wormser Str. 40, 72760 Reutlingen, Germany. Check out their homepage for further info, contacts and more, too.

Thomas Georg

Thomas Georg

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