Issue # 14
(80 pages, A4, printed, in English)

What an incredible effort! Schenk and Jagger managed to release one killer issue that definitely made my day! We are talking about a huge effort done with total dedication, not only content-wise but artistically / stylish-wise as well. The first thing that "stroke" my attention is the incredible print in the cover artwork used (Dan Seagrave’s "Tales From The Tomb", created for EVOCATION’s debut full-length) so even if the LP version of "Tales From The Tomb" never gets released, we have to thank the guys for giving such a great cover a size it deserves. Moving to the contents, you will find extremely cool interviews with acts such as ASPHYX, DEAD CONGREGATION, DEATH BREATH, DEATHEVOKATION, DEMONICAL / CENTINEX, DETONATION, ERODED, EVOCATION, GOREFEST, HAEMORRHAGE, LAY DOWN ROTEN, NOMINON, PRODUNDI, SUFFOCATION, THE BLACK DAHLIA MURDER and THIS ENDING. As you might expect there are literally tons of reviews included, nicely categorized and very informative cutting directly to the chase. Additionally you will find a great "Death Metal Mix" where Matti Kärki (DISMEMBER), Anders Schultz (UNLEASHED), Ola Lindgren (GRAVE), L-G Petrov (ENTOMBED) were caught during their Masters of Death European tour and did a short of "Do you know that song?" quiz from old and new Swedish Death Metal bands. I was heavily impressed by the quality of paper as well as the mind-blowing layout used: not only they have managed to maintain an underground feel but at the same time it looks very modern, making the CHAOS pages really shine out of beauty. I mean you have to see it to believe what effort has been put into this. Last but not least, two free compilation CDs were included as well (one from Cyclone Empire and another from Century Media featuring tracks from NEVERMORE and ARCH ENEMY), but that is of minor significance comparing to this great magazine. Don’t miss it! contact:,

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

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