Issue # 11
(80 pages, A4, printed, in English)

The chaos continues!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, it is for real! The two crazy motherfuckers Schenk and Jagger luckily decided NOT to throw in the towel after their 10th issue (which originally was supposed to be their farewell release), but instead put together another 80 strong pages of pure fuckin’ mayhem. Qualitywise nothing has changed compared to their previous work, which means you once again get a clear & simple yet totally pro-looking layout, high glossy paper, a great full colored cover art (this time courtesy of DARK TRANQUILLITY’s extremely talented Niklas Sundin!) and tons of reviews (all of them seperated in different style sections, which I personally consider a really cool idea). Additionally there’s 22 very informative interviews with bands like CENTINEX, NAPALM DEATH, ABHORRENCE, ZYKLON, MALEVOLENT CREATION, HYPNOSIA, AT THE GATES (4 pages!!) etc.etc. – just to name my personal faves here. A tour diary of the DEW-SCENTED / NIGHT IN GALES / DEFLESHED Japanese tour, as well as their so-called "alternative moose test" section (this time with Earache’s Dan Tobin, who had to prove his knowledge in brutal underground music) and a free 17-track Metal Blade Records compilation CD complete the picture! Any questions left?! Ok, then all you have to do now is to send the requested 10,-DM / 6 US$ to the wellknown address to obtain your personal copy: Chaos Magazine, c/o Schenk, Wormser Str. 40, 72760 Reutlingen, Germany, e-mail:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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