Issue # 12
(80 pages, A4, printed, in English)

I seriously doubt that this magazine still needs any further introduction as Schenk and Jagger already terrorize the underground for quite a few years now. And despite some quitting announcements CHAOS is luckily still going strong and remains one of the last survivors in the print magazine department. Throughout the years they constantly managed to improve the quality of the mag and this newest offering is without a doubt their ultimate offering, which will be very hard to top! Already the killer coverart courtesy of the mighty Graal (full coloured, by the way!) justifies the purchase of this issue – simply amazing!! You’ll also get 2 (!!!) free compilation CDs of Displeased and Voice Of Life Records, not really necessary for an underground mag in my opinion, but still a cool additional bonus and when it comes to the contents, it’s getting even more over the top… These sickos have reviewed no less than 454 (!!!!!) releases this time (a totally ridiculous number that once reflects the annoying release overkill that we’re all dealing with, day by day!), luckily separated in five different sections within the mag (Black-, Death-, Grind- and Thrash-Zone as well as "Hail To Sweden") – otherwise the layout of the magazine would probably look pretty boring, haha. 17 interesting, mostly very in-depth interviews complete issue # 12, done this time with members of KRISIUN, BLOOD RED THRONE, THE CROWN, VOMITORY, SETHERIAL, GROTESQUE (!!) with Alf Svensson, KATAKLYSM, ETERNAL LIES, CALLENISH CIRCLE, IMMOLATION, MAZE OF TORMENT, NAIL WITHIN, HEARSE, FRAGMENTS OF UNBECOMING, NECROPHOBIC, NEURAXIS and DIMENSION ZERO. Any questions left? Oh yeah – it sells for 5,- € (Germany), 6,- € (Europe) or 6,- US$ (rest of the world) and all prices include postage and packaging already. So whaddayawaitinfor? Contact Schenk at: Chaos Magazine, c/o Schenk, Wormser Str. 40, 72760 Reutlingen, Germany, e-mail:,

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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