Forsaken Lands
(Xtreem Music)

Everything is done just right on CORROSIVE CARCASS “Forsaken Lands”. Traditional Swedish Death Metal, nothing else. They are not busy with different genre experiments or any awkward copying pandemonium. As well as typical Doom parts you’ll be pleased with d-beats, blasts, disharmonious riffing and different varieties of growling. In substance everything which is needed to wander the Death howling woods of Gästrikland and not go astray. Personally I am not the biggest fan of switching the vocal styles so often. Specially if you are not coming up with something really persuasively. But ok, this is not real big demerit. It’s more the impress “Forsaken Lands” leaves me with. Sometimes quite ordinary and then very entertaining and catchy. Strangely both, the ordinary and the catchy part, divided nearly in half. The whole first half of the album was kind of boring and the second is the total opposite. From ‘…And So She Dies (In Sacrifice)’ on the guitars sound somehow not that watery anymore and the focus seems more on the lyrics and the singer. Who also doesn’t bounce here and there anymore. All in all the second half appears more grown up and focused and offers clearly more delightedness, like the instrumental song ‘Residual’. CORROSIVE CARCASS deliver a pretty enjoyable second album. Something for hardcore fans with the will and ear for the little amusements in between.,



CORROSIVE CARCASS - Composition Of Flesh (Anders Peter Jørgensen)

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