Killing Karma
(Listenable Records)

This German band has been going on since 1990, and I’m pretty sure that I have heard them before one way or another, as this is already their ninth album. So far, the only original member is vocalist Karsten Jäger, who was the replacement for Marc Grewe on the last album of Death Metal legends MORGOTH. His style is not that far away from Marc, although he keeps it more in the mid range, not getting into some higher pitched notes as the other vocalist. Music wise this is very competent Death Metal. For some reason I have heard that they were like a groove Death Metal band or doomy Metal of Death. Well, in this release, as far as I can hear, there is very little of that groove. This is a band that sounds like a mixture of BOLT THROWER, AT THE GATES and some SEPULTURA (ok this is where some groove parts might sound like “Arise” or “Chaos A.D.”, but just a little bit). Production wise it is a very professional product, not overproduced and with big, fat guitars that remind the most of those English purveyors of fine Grind. Although there are many mid-tempo parts, the band is smart enough to have faster parts here and there as well and just a fewer more Doom parts. After a few listenings one knows that this is a veteran band that knows what they want, and that the term old school Death Metal is probably right. As with the last MORGOTH album, I just find the vocals to sound a bit too much the same. But that’s just me. In any case the vocals are more than competent and far away from a generic type of vocalist. They do a very good KILLING JOKE cover that they make sound like it was theirs. By the way, this cover and an extra song, are only available in the CD version. I had a chance to revisit their older catalog and this is probably the most aggressive album they have done in the last years. And there are so many great riffs here, that I must say that this deserves to have more Death Metal heads turning to this band, and this album. www.facebook.com/disbelief.official, www.facebook.com/listenablerecs

Julián “Flash Of Inspiration” Núñez

Julián "Flash Of Inspiration" Núñez

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