Disgorge Mexico
(Relapse Records)

This is the newest release from the Canadian trio from Ottawa. Like their last record “Stigmata High-Five” it contains a mixture of all kinds of extreme Metal or let’s say – core styles, like Grind-, Metal, Death, Post and Mathcore. The songs toddle between classic Grindcore and Hardcore mosh parts, interrupted by more atmospheric parts and surprises with some melodic highlights. For some people this might be varied and innovative but for me it’s too vigorous. I like the classic mosh parts the most, if the whole record would be like them it would be a new highlight, but especially the slower postcore parts, which are influenced by acts like NEUROSIS, are annoying me. Indeed the songs are all very technical. The vocals of the attractive Melanie Mongeon are more Hardcore screaming than Death Metal growling, but she screams like hell even a little bit monotonous. The production is good and fortunately not too clinical but with a little rawness. In the end “Disgorge Mexico” is a hard and stressful piece of extreme Metal and definitely not for the old school guys. www.myspace.com/fuckthefacts, www.relapse.com.

Stefan Hagmayer

Stefan Hagmayer

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