Form And Emptiness

Hailing from Tokyo, FUNERAL SUTRA have released their first full-length "Form And Emptiness", which is a mid-tempo Black Metal presentation. It’s difficult to compare them to any particular band. And that’s a good thing. The smooth riffs of opener ‘Grace’ blend into a solid track of vocals sounding of despair and melancholy. ‘Secret’ keeps the same atmosphere along with a little spoken word mixed in, before jettisoning into a chugging rhythm and steady drumming. The combination of Paul (vocals and bass), Jordan (guitars) and Kenta (drums) makes up a radiant sound which breathes fresh air into a sometimes stagnant genre of music. The third track ‘Devil’ sways and gallops, shifts and staggers through a journey consisting of constant rhythms at first, then a little progressive elements, before easing back into a somewhat beautiful and powerful ending. ‘Form’ creeps elegantly into another song filled with atmosphere and almost tranguil emanations. The nice thing about "Form And Emptiness" is that it consistently strides throughout from song to song, as the fifth track ‘Desire’ proves. Picking up the pace a little in the middle keeps the interest up and the urgency prevalent throughout the slightly over four minutes track. The last song ‘Joy’ blissfully carries itself through the melody, ending the album with a strong presence. If you’re looking for a fresh take on an otherwise angst-ridden, aggressive genre, look no further. FUNERAL SUTRA will wrap its hands around your throat and pull you into its sea of emotions. For more information, check out,

David Simonton

David Simonton

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