FUNERAL SUTRA from Tokyo, Japan are active since 2011 and present their first self-released output in form of "Meditations". This four track EP is a really interesting output. They took three years for practicing and songwriting and present a well thought first sign with an interesting lyrical concept, handling a four-part circle of life. Their style is difficult to catch, as it is a mixture of melancholic and melodic Black Metal, sounding like a mixture of old FORGOTTEN TOMB and KATATONIA, with influences of the Funeral Doom style, but a lot more progressive with silent notes and melodic Progressive Rock influenced parts. The songwriting abilities, this band already shows on a so called demo release is magnificent. The four songs include all, a good release in this genre should show up, moving between anger, despair and hope. The opener ‘Emptiness’ starts slowly, but moves quickly into a blast-beat thunderstorm with screams of anger and despair and guitars, creating an atmosphere, similar to what FORGOTTEN TOMB used to create on their early fine releases. Very dark and menacing music. ‘Hope’ starts with a modern Hardcore-esque guitar melody before turning into a Doom / Black monster, a really modern and fresh combination of these styles and a real killer track, also turning the listener into a more positive soundscape, before ‘Time’ takes you down once again into their world of depression and despair. The last track ‘Death’ prepares the listener to the end, with a melodic and fast Gothic / Doom melody and silent and thoughtful parts, a band like OCTOBER FALLS normally creates, ending up with the harsh and despaired screams of their vocalist. For fans of all forms of depressive Metal very recommendable. "Meditations" is available as a digital download from their bandcamp site and as limited CD edition (500 copies) that comes in a DIN A5 sized booklet. Check them out at and

Michael Kujawska

Michael Kujawska

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