World Wide Death
(Threeman Recordings)

A Death Metal band consisting of such “infamous” members as Emperor Magus Caligula (vox, DARK FUNERAL, early HYPOCRISY), Lord K Philipson (guitar, THE PROJECT HATE), Tomas Elofsson (bass, SANCTIFICATION) and VOMITORY-drummer Tobben Gustafsson is certainly something that might make people raise their eyebrows. Produced by Tommy Tägtgren this “all-star act” offers a good dose of down-tuned heavy Death Metal with a nod to the Swedish and American old school days but to modern grooves as well. Though definitely skilfully performed the anticipation such massive namedropping usually causes GOD AMONG INSECTS debut leaves behind only mild disappointment. There’s two elements that stand in the way of making “World Wide Death” a killing CD a) the muddy Abyss-production drowning Caligula’s forceful, sickened growls b) too few blasting violence or at least up-tempo parts like in the absolutely great fifth track ‘Chainsawed Christians’ make this album appear like a gorehound lacking teeth. People into contemporary Death Metal with its fable for heavy grooves and clear song structures who do not despise newer Abyss-productions as much as I do might actually dig this, GOD AMONG INSECTS definitely have their moments, a couple of good riffs and with a better production they might have reached me as well. The way they are right now simply does not touch the “Death Metal-sense” in my heart and brain. The cover art is cool though… a bit Vince Locke-like. Give it a try! www.threeman.net

Stefan Franke

Stefan Franke

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