Rising Hatred
(Moribund Records)

I am not really sure whether “Rising Hatred” (initially released in 2006 by Pathos Records in 2000 copies) is hard to obtain nowadays but in any case, Moribund Cult decided to re-release GODLESS RISING’s great debut album including two brand new bonus tracks. To be honest, I didn’t have the chance to check this release out up until now, but judging from their crushing second album “Battle Lords” I didn’t expect anything less from the band. GODLESS RISING perform Death Metal with spirit and outmost dedication to the 90s VITAL REMAINS tradition: huge, crushing and blasphemous to the core! By now, I admit that I have turned out to become a fan of the band. Whereas VITAL REMAINS have turned out to become more “mainstream” so to speak, GODLESS RISING maintained the good old “The Black Mass” / “Let Us Pray” / “Into Cold Darkness” underground Death Metal feeling. Great, huge-sounding guitars, “bulldozing” rhythm section (in the typical GODLESS RISING / VITAL REMAINS manner), solid song-structures, diversity, some really good guitar solos (when was the last you heard anyone play good Death Metal solos?) and of course some of the best Death Metal vocals you can get these days (and not only!). Add to this the typical Moyen-worshipping layout (Chris designed the band’s logo by the way) and you get the picture. The only objection I have is that I would perhaps prefer to have some brand new tracks instead of re-recordings of old tunes or even some unreleased material from the band’s archives, but I guess that’s the only “negative” point so to speak. www.myspace.com/godlessrising

Manolis A.

Manolis A.

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