Perception Of Hate
(From Beyond Productions / Displeased Records)

Hailing from the violent lands of Colombia here we have this outstanding quartet named GORETRADE. I have not been sonically exposed to this band since their debut split CD with CARNAL back in 2001 which in fact did not hit me as hard as “Perception Of Hate” did. In a nutshell GORETRADE is an mixture of scissor-like hyper fast riffs in the KRISIUN vein plus some of the charming mid-to-slow tempo changes which are very common to find in any SUFFOCATION release. This is one of those rare ocassions when the musicians of a band are actually capable to pay homage to their influences without sounding as cheap copy-cats or to achieve free notoriety. Is really hard to pick fave ones from the album because I really like the whole package! Anyway, stand-out smashers could be ‘Impregnated With Deceit’, ‘Someone To Kill’ (this will hammer the shit out of you!), ‘Righteous Retribution’ and many other savagely spawned yet with the correct dose with catchiness to avoid the 3 chords / all-blastbeats nonsense that plagues extreme music lately. Sadly enough I have not heard their “Ritual Of Flesh” debut album but definitely I would have to kill for a copy of that. If you are into South American bad-ass masterfully executed death sickness this album is all you need! Contact them at: www.myspace.com/goretrade.

Mario Cubero

Mario Cubero

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