Cvlt Ov Malignant Entities
(Iron Blood And Death Corporation)

The band’s name sets the stage on what to expect on this third full-length by Argentinean Death Metallers HORRENDUM VERMIS. Along with the cover art, much of the HP Lovecraftian ethos and mysticism permeates the lyrics, and also the band’s sound lends an auditory atmosphere to it as well. If you take very early HATE (Pol) and a bit of VITAL REMAINS you get a good sense of what you can expect. You can also add a bit of DEICIDE in sound, but mainly because of the approach of the guitar solos. Shades of Ralph Santolla (R.I.P.) are present here. They do add an interesting contrast to the band’s overall dark sound, which I have to say is all quite well done too. The production is spot on and allows every instrument to have its presence felt, which is a good thing. I know some bands want or have that murky sound going, but to me it all comes across like mud. I prefer some distinction in my instrumentation. You do have a longer listen here at a bit under an hour, but I feel the band makes it just interesting enough to hold your attention. This seems to be a re-release of sorts from Iron Blood And Death Corporation and I have to say they couldn’t have a better label. They have a few stellar releases that have been on my rotation as of late. www.facebook.com/horrendumvermis, www.facebook.com/ibdc666

Will “Bones” Lee

Will "Bones" Lee

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