Bringing Down The World
(Listenable Records)
approx. 120:00min

It’s so cool to see that IMMOLATION have finally found a label willing to support them in the best possible way after all these years (the almighty Listenable Records)! I bet that no other company would have released a DVD by these masters of unholy Death Metal, so all hail goes out to Laurent and his staff for doing it!! And yes, after quite a bit of delays (due to some technical difficulties in the manufacturing of the DVD), it’s finally here… Apart from some minor points of criticism the result is impressive and definitely worth being checked out! Let’s start with the facts though. The DVD features three complete IMMOLATION shows. One of them (a nine song, 45 minutes set, pro-filmed by Lowlife Media) was shot in Amsterdam on April 18, 2003, when Ross & the guys were supporting CRADLE OF FILTH in front of over 4200 Metal maniacs. The other two (one from Paris 2002 and one from L.A. 2003) are more like bootleg type of recordings, yet with an above average quality though. Each one is about half an hour long (six songs each)… The L.A. set features stand-in drummer Steve Shalaty (from ODIOUS SANCTION), who learned IMMO’s set in just three days when Alex became ill. Unbelievable! Then there’s two additional live songs (‘Sinful Nature’ and ‘Into Everlasting Fire’) from Tilburg (December 22, 2002), a video clip for ‘Of Martyrs And Men’ (with footage from the Amsterdam show), crazy backstage- and on the road (private) recordings, a picture gallery and an interview with Bob and Ross. The main show from Amsterdam impresses with excellent sound- and picture-quality, but unfortunately lacks the real live atmosphere, probably because it was recorded directly from the mixing board, which always excludes the audience… In this department the Paris show is far more impressive (a smaller venue and more crazy fans!). Another point of criticism regarding the whole DVD is the lack of individual track selection at the three shows… you only have a main menue, but no possibility to watch a selected song. Apart from that – this is definitely an essential purchase, nicely packaged (with liner notes from the band) for every die hard IMMOLATION fan! Label contact:

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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