Hope And Horror (MCD/DVD)
(Listenable Records)

This is the first time IMMOLATION released an MCD and in my humble opinion it’s a strange label tactic to release it nearly at the same time the new full-length came out, isn’t it? And I’m wondering why these three songs did not appear on the album. This would expand the playing time of "Shadows In The Light" to approx 55 minutes (not too much from my point of view). I guess Listenable knows that a die hard IMMOLATION fan (and most IMMOLATION fans are die hard fans) will buy everything IMMOLATION brings out. Anyway, let’s talk about the content, there are three new and exclusive songs (taken from the "Shadows In The Light" recording session) which are on the same high level like anything on the regular last album. Without any doubt the songs are nothing but masterpieces of unholy, dark and sophisticated Death Metal. ‘The Struggle Of Hope And Horror’ is the first instrumental the band ever released and it’s a damned great one. I would love to see those guys playing it live (guess it would be a great song to open the show). There are only a few bands out there which have found their absolutely unique and very own style. This Yonkers based band is definitely one of them. I’m a bit disappointed of the bonus DVD. Well, it’s not really a bonus DVD cause you have to pay the price of a full-length for this MCD so you can’t call it a bonus, can you? Then the quality isn’t that good. Neither picture nor sound are more than a better bootleg. I really would prefer a bonus DVD with an old show from the "Dawn Of Possession" or "Here In After" era. That would make sense and not a show with a similar playlist as the official live DVD. Anyway, it’s the music that counts and those three news songs are high quality Death Metal hymns and worth every cent you have to pay for. In the unlikely case you don’t have the "Bringing Down The World" DVD you probably will enjoy the DVD more than I do… Nevertheless, "Hope And Horror" is as much an essential release as every other IMMOLATION output, so don’t miss it. BUY!!!,



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