Heaven Termination
(Displeased Records)

INFINITED HATE – I must admit that I was not aware of the existence of this act as a matter of fact. In any case – the name bears a certain reminiscence of the essence HATE ETERNAL obviously try to convey with their name. Talking about originality…!? Anyway – let’s talk about the music which is of interest here. This is the second official output of the band that features members of SINISTER and ABORTED if I am not mistaken. “Heaven Termination” was recorded at Excess Studios (PYAEMIA, DISAVOWED…). The sound is ok, although a bit too mellow according to my taste… too many basses, I need sustain you know. The compositions you’ll find on this output are superb, that’s for sure. Well, one can observe a lot of details, well-conceived riffs, intricate and extremely solid craftsmanship in terms of guitars, bass and drumming. The riffs remind me of post-“Spiritual Healing” DEATH (with regard to the rather complex, warped guitar-work), SLAYER, EXODUS (regarding the Thrash-inspired passages), HATEBREED, DEFLESHED… (concerning the aggression). Again, the compositional base, that is, the music itself is brilliant, full of energy, ideas and inspiration. The only one thing I do not like about this one are the vocals executed by SINISTER’s Rachel. I know that people will be pissed off about this statement, but female vocals in Death Metal are not my thing. The vocal-lines don’t give additional kicks, do not provide aggression, do not get a grip on you. But that is the only negative thing about this one really. Otherwise a nice and solid piece of work.

F. Cthulhu E.

F. Cthulhu E.

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