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Except for a handful of bands, I wouldn’t really consider myself a big fan of the Danish underground scene. But at least INIQUITY has always been a helluva cool exception. These guys constantly had the guts to deliver first class, straight ahead brutal Death Metal (also in times when the mainstream listener already stopped to care) and easily managed to convince me with each of their releases. But that’s probably one of the reasons why I simply had to be a little disappointed by their newest offering “Grime”… I maybe expected a bit too much. Instead of coming up with the “ultimate recipe for a milestone on the highway to hell…” (to quote their label’s info sheet here), they “just” came up with another powerfully produced (in the typical high Jacob Hansen quality), technically way above the average and generally very brutal record. All in all very cool to listen to, but I miss a couple of standout tracks and a bit more excitement in their writing formular, as everything is kinda predictable straight from the start already. “Grime” is INIQUITY’s 4th release by now (including 1998’s MCD “The Hidden Lore”) and in the old tradition of the band, they once again had to do the recordings in a slightly different line-up. This time guitarist Brian Eriksen was replaced by former SACRIFICAL sixstringer Kraen Meier. Everything else basically stayed the same, including the choice of another rather ugly cover. Seems to be tradition for them as well…

Frank Stöver

Frank Stöver

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