Born Blood Portrait
(Third Alliance Records)

What have bands like NECROPHAGIST, INGURGITATING OBLIVION, OBSCENITY and PAVOR (these were the first that came to my mind) have in common? Yes, they all are bands from Germany and play US-inspired Death / Grind on a high musical level, all with a powerful sound / production. Yet they manage to hit you at a spot you have not been hit before and kick your ass in their own specific way – means they all keep this rotting genre (literally spoken) fresh. IRATE ARCHITECT is another young band adding their name to this list of talented bands with their first release “Born Blood Portrait”. Aggressive and brutal, fast and technical with the essential touch of old school songwriting combined with twisting Grindblast-attacks is what you get and that just delightens your heart (which is a gut in one or the other way so that should be ok). I could not even name some bands to compare IRATE ARCHITECT with allthough they are not the most original band. Yet they manage to combine many different styles of fast Death Metal and heavy Grindcore to keep their music fresh and bloody. You get four songs on this MCD with three bizarre sound-intermezzi and all songs are on the same quality level. My favorite track is ‘Chicks On Speed’ but mainly because of the lyrics, were they describe how dead chickens at KFC come back to live to take revenge on their consumers – convincing! The cool coverartwork from LAERMBELÄSTIGUNG’s Karim Daire just completes this cool release and makes me hunger for more. And I am sure we will hear way more from this promising combo! Go out and buy – it won’t be a mistake.

Tim Klöcker

Tim Klöcker

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