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It was only a matter of time until this sick German four-piece got a decent record deal to release their full-length debut as a digi-CD. Their mini-CD/LP “Born Blood Portrait” from 2005 blew me away back then with 4 tracks of aggressive straight forward Death/Grind with a great touch of modern technical US-Death. Now in 2008 the bass player is a new one but musical wise not much has changed since then – except that they layed their focus more on the technical aspect of their sound – and that is quite stunning. The playing abilities of these guys is absolutely on top, not doubt about that, and reminds me of all those technical outfits like WORMED, CRYPTOPSY and DYING FETUS. All 15 well produced tracks (two instrumentals) are all in a fast and complex vein that it will take more than one listening from you to get a good view of what all this is about. Unfortunately this is also my point of critic. “Visitors” satisfies you very much for the moment, but does not leave an impression for long. Very often you don`t even realize when one track is over and the other track starts. Yes, I know this is always the thing with this type of music (nothing for old school farts like me!) and there is no reason to point this out with IRATE ARCHITECT, but hey – their mini-CD blew me away and I was a bit disappointed that they kicked nearly all the straight forward passages over board. But if you are into this type of technical Death Metal IRATE ARCHITECT will definitely please you!! These guys could easily play on a gig with NECROPHAGIST, CEPHALIC CARNAGE and the above mentioned bands and would not be the worst act of the evening! Just be prepared to play this one more than once!,

Tim Klöcker

Tim Klöcker

IRATE ARCHITECT - Born Blood Portrait (Tim Klöcker)

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