Scales Of Leviathan
(Nuclear Winter Records)

‘Darkness Awaits’!!! Yeah folks, starting this review with the title of the 2nd track of this MCD and probably one of the best KAAMOS songs ever feels great. This is the last output from KAAMOS and one of their best, too. I mean, not that they released anything bad at all! This 5 song MCD is a great testament of a great Death Metal band which always delivered high quality Death Metal. I don’t want to say it’s sad that they quit their activities as we can look back to a bunch of great releases which are always welcome on our stereo. Not many of today’s Death Metal bands can say that they always represented the true old school Death Metal spirit – KAAMOS surely can! This is a must have for each Voices From The Darkside reader, especially for those who are looking for Death Metal played with heart and feeling. This is Death Metal in the raw and unpolished way, forget about all these bands claiming to be brutal with their triggered drums and perfect sound, this here is brutal, this here is Death Metal. All 5 songs on this MCD are great, but the song mentioned above, ‘Darkness Awaits’, is just utterly fantastic. The other 4 songs are not bad either and listening to this doom monster called ‘Spiritual Funeral’ at the end of this recording you know that it’s time to bury this great band forever. But: some bands won’t ever be forgotten, some bands are meant to live forever. A great band! Rest in piece! Check out www.nuclearwinter.cjb.net

Thomas Ehrmann

Thomas Ehrmann

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