Epic (Poetry Of War)
(Nuclear Blast Records)

After their last magnificient album “Prophecy”, KATAKLYSM are finally back again. That album crushed in many ways, blast beats galore, grind riffs, vokills and melodic parts. On “Epic” they continue in that fashion but up the ante. There are more blast beats, more grind riffs and sicker vokills and even deep growls. Another thing that they have done is add more melodic parts amidst that brutality. This band hails from my homeland of Canada, Quebec to be exact the French speaking province. Instantly you will hear CRYPTOPSY, NAPALM DEATH and some AMON AMARTH in here. I feel this is a stronger record than their previous because, man – the production just slaughters, the bass drum is like a good stiff beating with a led pipe. The guitars tear through flesh and the vocals just make your ears bleed along with a deep rumbling bass sound. If you’re a fan of “Northern Hyperblast”, which these guys are, then this is for you, the accuracy of the blast beats are unheard of.

Dimitri Ganatsios

Dimitri Ganatsios

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