Catastrophic Scenes
(Xtreem Music)

Would you like to fuck the same woman over and over again? Would you like to eat pizza every single day? Well, if the woman was incredibly beautiful (in your eyes), or the pizza was amazingly good, could be. But, would you listen to gory Death Metal equal to other bands in the same genre? Well played, ok sound, doglike vocals, fast as a shark, but so far from originality and creativity that you wouldn’t believe it? No, of course you wouldn’t. I’m sorry Kataplexia, but the music you’ve created doesn’t contain a single second I haven’t heard before in one or another way. No, it’s not that every band has to be original, but there has to be something more than plain Death Metal without any form of impact or tasty ingredients. www.kataplexia.cjb.net

Roy Kristensen

Roy Kristensen

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